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Objetos abstractos

Panda Jewels


The Beginning

The Beginning

This was year 2160... 

...A few scientists were on a mission to dig deeper into the earth’s darkest spaces found around Indian Ocean coastline with their AI operated equipment running 24x7. They were addressed by the rulers of the humanity, Quantum AI Alpha, to collect the traces of ancient animals called ‘Panda’ which went extinct very long ago. After a long time of efforts and dedication, they finally found it. 

According to Quantum AI Alpha, Pandas were the only creature that can give them the leap into their experiment to inject natural happiness into the next version of humans that they were breeding into their chemical labs.  

A very dogmatic shift of AI driven evolution into the humankind, have left humans into a very robotic-like state of existence where they’re getting far from the basic essence of the nature, the oceans, the mountains, birds and animals. 

All the AI’s challenges and choices in its quest for a great future of humanity, intelligence and consciousness- on far Milky Way was depended on Panda’s potential natural traces, which means their DNA.

We’re gathered out of the desire to create a long lasting breed of new humans who can establish the previous culture of 2020s and remove the boundaries of nature. 

And we’re going to do that by injecting Panda’s DNA into humans, by crystallization process at subzero temperature. These fractions will form into a diamond shaped PANDAs. To preserve them for generations, Quantum AI Alpha has decided to allocate these fragments to a very few humans who are chosen to bring back the original essence of the previous humans.  

And you can be one of the few chosen ones to hold these Panda Jewels. Are you ready for the AI driven adventure? 

"Panda Jewel" digital art collection made by Alvaro Martín Treviño.
The Jewels

The Jewels

With the algorithmic calculations and patterns found from the previous experiments, the scientists have successfully developed 2222 Pandas Jewels which they’ve decided to be minted as NFTs on the eternal Ethereum blockchain.

This is the beginning of the new generation amid the chaos of AI and ML driven culture of humans. These 2222 Jewels will possess the capabilities to transform the darkest of hours into light and joy fueled era, a new time shift into the unknown.

Only the chosen ones would be lucky enough to receive the Panda Jewels. And for the humanity believes in equality and a shared belief of the living in everlasting happy and content life, this battle is for the survival and expressions.

Each Panda Jewel is composed of a different mineral, among them you can find Diamonds, Ruby, Emerald, Opal, Quartz, Sapphire, Turquoise, Jade, Fluorite, Amethys and many others. 


Panda Jewels are the sorcerer’s secret to the eternal new generation of Humans.


The Artist

The Artist

Álvaro Martín Treviño is an international visual artist, 3D designer and art director based in Madrid, Spain.  Around the last 20 years Álvaro has been dedicated to the world of visual experiences and interactive environments.  Constantly working around new forms of visual atmosphere and audiovisual shows, always researching to expand the possibilities of audiovisual and integration in space as a new and suggestive vehicle of communication with the viewer. He won the the first prize award to the best european visual artist in 2016 in Art Vision Contest in Moscow. 

Álvaro always is exploring new forms of expression, new challenges and new ways to expand his creatives horizons. The interest in aesthetics, communication, art, new forms of show and entertainment and the application of new technology to them, are the principles that drive of his projects. Álvaro loves integrating visuals in the physical environment, he use different projection techniques adapted to each international project. 

For many years Álvaro also attended the most important music festivals around the world as Visual artist making Vj sessions for the most important Djs like: Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Solomun, Ricardo Villalobos or Richie Hawtin.


Clients: Heineken / Red Bull / Nike / Philip Morris / Vodafone / Aristocrazy / Heart Ibiza / Sónar Barcelona / Space Ibiza / Benicassim FIB / Paraiso Festival / Desalia / and many others.

The Jungle

The Jungle is our home and a place that we have built for a family called ‘Community’. This is where the humans, who have Panda’s fragments inside their blood will be able to goand touch grass. This is also called Panda Forest.

This is the place we’ll make in Alpha Community, with the aim to break the shackles of AI driven and robotic ruled humanity and keep a spot for the pure human element in all of us. In the Jungle, all the Panda Jewel holders will be able to find peace, connect with other humans and build great things such as music, arts, live events and even movies.

The other side of the Alpha Community is where all the fun begins, in the Jungle. We can’t reveal much information about The Jungle, but you can be rest assured that it’s something that you don’t want to leave once you enter.

Proyecto sin título 6.jpg


 1 Free mint for all the holders in the next second generation.

Entrance private access to the Pandaverse in the second level.  


Golden Pandas hide big prizes. Special gifts such as merchandising, caps, T-shirts  and high quality miniatures of Panda Jewels are waiting for those who find them.

Donations to endangered animal organizations.

Roadmap 2


Level 1


We're working tirelessly to put out an amazing piece of art to the whole ecosystem. This complex collection has taken more than a year of work. Each Panda Jewel contain different powers that they can use in the pandaverse.

Level 2


We are creating with a prestigious metaverse studio, a multiplayer-futuristic colourful Jungle with glittery environment like the panda jewels. Each user will play with his/her nft as character. In the Pandaverse there are no battles, all holders will build together a new and better world. The player who is more experienced, has certain level, means he can do tasks much quicker than other players. As they play, they get certain points, which they can use in order to customize their characters or exchange them for prizes.

Level 3


As we scale higher we'd love to have good connections with other top tier projects out there,to helps share ideas and provide values for our holders.

Level 4


We strongly believe in community so we're looking to launch our Dao / alpha community where value can be shared with like mind individuals. We'd hire professional Alpha callers, crypto Analyst, Alpha hunters and other roles which will be added as we scale higher.

Level 5


We'd be launching another collection. This collection will be minted for free by holders and also will unlock more teirs.  More members will join the Pandaverse community, and together we will build the new world in Pandaverse



Panda Jewels 2023 / All rights reserved

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